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Sundiata Keita is the founder of the Mali empire in Africa. After facing great adversity in his early years, he eventually overcomes them and reaches for greatness for his people. Sundiata's Lemon and Brown Sugar Body Scrub is filled with lemon to help even skin tone and provide the skin with antioxidants. Brown sugar is used to help exfoliate skin. Grapeseed oil and avocado oil are mixed to plumpen skin. This body scrub is suitable for all skin types. 


Sundiata - Lemon &' Brown Sugar Body Scrub

SKU: 0015
  • Each scrub is packaged in a 12 oz plastic jar. 

    *This scrub is intended to be used as a body scrub-- brown sugar crystals are too large to be used on facial skin. The scrub is best used in the shower. After cleansing your body with soap, use the scrub on damp skin. Wash off excess sugar and lighten pat dry skin.  Skin will instantly feel moisturised. Use the scrub 2-3x times a week for exfoliating. 

  • I aim to ensure that all customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. In the uneventful case that you are not, there are no returns on all products. However, if you are dissatisfied with the product please feel free to email us and we will provide you with a consultation. After the consultation we can decide on the best product for your skin.